A product is said to sell when it gets delivered to the prospective buyer; this is the core of e-commerce transactions. When a customer orders a product and it gets delivered in the shortest time possible then the customer experience is right and it will increase customer loyalty. A poor transaction leads to the loss of customers to the competition.

There’s a lot involved in giving a customer a satisfactory experience and we will be taking a look at what these things are.

  1. Visibility: the role of visibility in e-commerce cannot be over-emphasized as it could determine whether a product will sell or not. When a package is visible during the process of delivery, it will be beneficial to both the consumer and the merchant.

Consumers always want to have this information at any time they might require it. It could be shared through a link made available during checkout or a push notification sent to their mobile devices. Package visibility is essential in e-commerce, and it’s almost a norm for most transactions. Unfortunately, we still have many retailers who still refuse to provide this vital information to their customers.

  1. Speed: Today’s world is fast-paced and people are accustomed to getting more done in less time. Consumers find it difficult to wait for five days for a package to arrive. They expect shipping companies to deliver their package as soon as possible, that’s why a lot of companies have setup three days deliveries, allowing them stay ahead of their competitors and provide customers with a better experience.

Retail giants Amazon recently started a program called “Amazon prime” which has helped to reduce the shipping period to just 2-days. Now all other companies and competitors are trying to catch up with this set standard. Another reason why most companies find it difficult to catch up is that speed delivery cost more for the retailers and most of them struggle to absorb these costs.

  1. Predictability: customers patronizing e-commerce are no longer comfortable with the idea of setting a broad range of delivery period when shipping goods. Some set within the scope of 8 days. We are in a digitalized age also we have many tools with which we can use to know the exact number of days it will take for our goods to arrive it’s intended location. The customer gets jittery over setting time range; they want you to be more specific. This shows how credible you are and it also helps customers to hold the shipping company accountable for any delay in the set delivery date. Most of the time, the exact delivery date is given during the checkout period. Also when a customer knows the exact day a package will arrive, and it happens like that, it will invariably improve customer experience and satisfaction.

As a significant player in the e-commerce industry, these tips can help to enhance and maximize your e-commerce deliveries to give a good customer experience.


Ted Frank, Montreal

Global Sky Logistics

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