Globalsky International Freight Forwarding Logistics

//Globalsky International Freight Forwarding Logistics

Globalsky International Freight Forwarding Logistics

GlobalSky Logistics Company based in Canada is a sole proprietorship business. With branches scattered all over Europe and Asia, GlobalSky is one of the fastest growing international logistics companies in the world. In a bid to serve our expansive international clientele list, we have decided to add International Freight Forwarding logistics to the other services we offer. Our global freight package comprises of

Air Freight- We fly with the birds in the sky

The idea of shipping goods through airplanes was born when we discovered we could not bridge the gap between the demand for time-sensitive materials by our clients whose businesses work on time limits and the supply from our end. Our air freight services work with automobile companies, medical companies, and technological companies.  We also work with air transport companies to ensure that our services are properly executed. We have obtained the necessary documents to permit the shipping of products that have been marked “Dangerous” by the IATA. These products include; strains of pathogens used for medical research purposes, vaccines, volatile battery cells and gasoline. We offer speed delivery of perishable items.

Our Freight airplanes have also undergone security checks that align with the Transportation Security and Administration rules.

Our impeccable customer service is unrivaled. Our simplified online platform makes it easy to make bookings and track orders throughout their delivery time. Couriers who work with our partnering transport agencies deliver your parcels at your doorsteps. Our services have insurance covering your orders in case they encounter damage while in transit. If you are looking for the ideal logistics company to handle your orders within a limited time frame, our pocket-friendly air freight service is your best bet.

Ocean Freight: Easy Breezy

Our Ocean Freight is a safe and stress-free option for delivering goods. This load can either be full containers or half containers. Our services stand out because we ship orders frequently, we believe delay is the bane of businesses hence we ensure that cargos are delivered within the stipulated time frames. You can rest assured that there will be no obstacles. The icing on the cake? You can track your order from the shipping port to the delivery destination. Asides half and full load containers, we also ship liquid cargos.

Road Freight: Across Borders

At GlobalSky, our Road Freight service is mainly for countries that are linked at the borders or countries that are easily accessible by road. We offer door to door deliveries. Our transport vehicles consist of motorcycles, bicycles, vans, and trucks. All in safe working conditions. Our responsible drivers have been groomed on the safe driving tips. We offer express deliveries, courier services, deliveries across border, heavy-duty equipment delivery from one country to another.

Railway Freight

GlobalSky’s railway freight is the ideal mode of transporting bulk orders over long distances. Our railway freight services are very cheap and safe. We will give you your money’s worth. We transport containers, cash crop, and automobiles across European, Eurasian and North American countries that are connected by railway.


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