Global Sky Emergency Cargo Delivery

//Global Sky Emergency Cargo Delivery

Global Sky Emergency Cargo Delivery

The demand for same day delivery of shipments has skyrocketed over time. When it comes to Emergency deliveries, GlobalSky Emergency Cargo Delivery is a hotshot. At GlobalSky, we cover emergency cargo deliveries for shipments that need to reach their destination immediately. Our highly esteemed brand ensures that your shipment is instantly picked up after it reaches its destination.

Below are a few reasons why you should pick us;

  • The fastest delivery service for domestic and global business demands.
  • Top notch customer service.
  • A refund policy which ensures you get your money back if our services are below standards.


Let’s face it, there are times you can’t get your orders delivered to you when you need them. It gives you this sinking feeling laced with frustration. With our same day cargo delivery service you can relax with a cup of coffee and flip through the pages of your favorite magazine while we take the stress off you.

Our skilled members of staff monitor shipments from their shipping points to delivery points. Our Emergency Cargo lines are always open because we work both on weekdays and weekends, all year round.

Our fleet comprise of aircrafts and jets, vans and trucks all of which offer express deliveries.

The experience we have gathered over time has placed us on the pedestal in the logistics world. As an active supply chain company, we have an array of options that can be tailored to meet the needs of our highly esteemed customers. We ship items of different sizes to different locations within the shortest possible time frame. GlobalSky Emergency cargo services also ship relief materials to regions that have been affected by disasters. Our Aircraft emergency delivery services run different schedules. These schedules include; delivering via the next available flight, delivering via the earliest flight of the day. If an order is needed for a next day delivery, we opt for emergency delivery at noon before the break of dawn or early evening delivery. All of these is channeled to beat delay and get the shipment delivered just in time.

Our insurance policies cover goods that are of high value. If shipments are destroyed while on transit, you have no need to worry. Everything is covered by our insurance. Our vehicles have GPS devices installed so you can track your order and also get updates on its location from time to time. We crisscross countries in North America, Europe and Asia to offer delivery at your doorstep. Due to our flexible working schedules, we have prevented many businesses from closing shops over the years. These are businesses that work with deadlines or last minute changes.

Still not convinced on whether to book us? This might interest you, at GlobalSky we aim not to only ensure customers satisfaction, we ensure that our services are safe and environmentally friendly. We comply with the National Traffic (road) and Water Act, and the Occupational Health and Toxic Substances Act.

Our safe and hassle-free emergency cargo delivery system is second to none because we deliver; whenever wherever.

Ted Frank, Montreal


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