flexible and integrated global logistics solutions

Our Vision

Global Sky Logistics strives to be the preferred trade expert and logistics provider for shippers needing innovative, cost-effective and integrated Supply chain solutions to move their product from the point of production to the point of consumption, anywhere in the world.

Our team is committed to delivering exceptional, personalized, flexible, integrated global logistics solutions. We understand our clients’ global logistics needs and through continuous improvement, anticipate and satisfy these needs for the future. We forge strategic partnerships, pursue emerging international markets, forecast international business trends and develop innovative, accountable, efficient technologies. We realize new global opportunities for your business.

We are committed to delivering exceptional, personalized, flexible and integrated global logistics solutions.


Relationships strive for innovative and creative solutions, looking at new ways of doing business, through respect, open communication and teamwork opportunities to stand out in the industry. We seek to build healthy, long-term working relationships with our Colleagues, clients, suppliers and all those who have an interest in Global Sky Logistics. In every procedure and step we take in business, we always conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner. We believe in a family-oriented, caring working environment and appreciate.

Strength in Diversity The importance of community. In balance with corporate objectives and we believe that a multicultural and diverse workforce strengthens the Customer needs, we encourage work-life strategies which enhance the company as a whole. As such, Global Sky Logistics is an equal opportunity employer Quality of life of our employees and their families as well committed to employment equality.

Global Sky Logistics Values