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Global Sky Emergency Cargo Delivery

The demand for same day delivery of shipments has skyrocketed over time. When it comes to Emergency deliveries, GlobalSky Emergency Cargo Delivery is a hotshot. At GlobalSky, we cover emergency cargo deliveries for shipments that need to reach their destination immediately. Our highly esteemed brand ensures that your shipment is instantly picked up after it reaches its destination. Below are a few reasons why you should pick us; The fastest delivery service for domestic and global business demands. Top notch customer service. A refund policy which ensures you get your money back if our services are below standards.   Let's face it, there are times you can't get your orders delivered to you when you need them. It gives you this sinking feeling laced with frustration. With our same day cargo delivery service you can relax with a cup of coffee and flip through the pages of your favorite magazine while we take the stress off you. Our skilled members of staff monitor shipments from their shipping points to delivery points. Our Emergency Cargo lines are always open because we work both on weekdays and weekends, all year round. Our fleet comprise of aircrafts and jets, vans and trucks all of which offer express deliveries. The experience we have gathered over time has placed us on the pedestal in the logistics world. As an active supply chain company, we have an array of options that can be tailored to meet the needs of our highly esteemed customers. We ship items of different sizes to different locations within the shortest possible time frame. GlobalSky Emergency cargo services also ship relief materials to regions that have been affected by disasters. Our Aircraft emergency delivery services run different schedules. These schedules include; delivering via the next available flight, delivering via the earliest flight [...]

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Globalsky International Freight Forwarding Logistics

GlobalSky Logistics Company based in Canada is a sole proprietorship business. With branches scattered all over Europe and Asia, GlobalSky is one of the fastest growing international logistics companies in the world. In a bid to serve our expansive international clientele list, we have decided to add International Freight Forwarding logistics to the other services we offer. Our global freight package comprises of Air Freight- We fly with the birds in the sky The idea of shipping goods through airplanes was born when we discovered we could not bridge the gap between the demand for time-sensitive materials by our clients whose businesses work on time limits and the supply from our end. Our air freight services work with automobile companies, medical companies, and technological companies.  We also work with air transport companies to ensure that our services are properly executed. We have obtained the necessary documents to permit the shipping of products that have been marked "Dangerous" by the IATA. These products include; strains of pathogens used for medical research purposes, vaccines, volatile battery cells and gasoline. We offer speed delivery of perishable items. Our Freight airplanes have also undergone security checks that align with the Transportation Security and Administration rules. Our impeccable customer service is unrivaled. Our simplified online platform makes it easy to make bookings and track orders throughout their delivery time. Couriers who work with our partnering transport agencies deliver your parcels at your doorsteps. Our services have insurance covering your orders in case they encounter damage while in transit. If you are looking for the ideal logistics company to handle your orders within a limited time frame, our pocket-friendly air freight service is your best bet. Ocean Freight: Easy Breezy Our Ocean Freight is a safe and stress-free option for delivering goods. This load can either [...]

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Having complete trust in other business partners could be achieved overtime when a healthy business relationship exists. However, this level of confidence is built when both partners are sincere and have a mutual understanding. It's equally right to know how to determine whether a particular freight broker you intend to use is legitimate or not. What are the benefits accrued to using a freight broker? A good broker has an in-depth knowledge of the shipping industry as they employ all available means to achieve client goals. They also have extensive contacts of reliable carriers which may be difficult to locate. Freight broker benefits include: They identify the best shipping option for you, thereby saving you time and money. They help to search for bid from various companies you may not find on your own. They ensure you get the best price possible on the carrier services. They have a good understanding of the required paperwork for different forms of transport and help to understand regulations. They help to solve most of your complex shipping needs. Nowadays, we have companies acting as their freight broker as this saves cost. But, some of these companies still need to consult other freight brokers at certain times when they need to secure a critical load. To find out if your broker is legitimate, you need to ask yourself these three fundamental questions: Is the broker duly registered with the UCR program? The UCR is the acronym for Unified Carrier Registration which is mandatory for every broker and any broker engaging in commercial work will face the law if found out. You need to avoid any broker that does not have the evidence of registration. Is the broker insured? It's mandatory for every broker to be insured and show proof of its certificate. You need [...]

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As humans, we all live in a competitive world where we compete for the available resources. The same scenario occurs in business specifically in e-commerce whereby one needs to employ a different strategy to remain relevant. Some of the most valuable strategies include having a thorough understanding of the emerging trends in the market and taking into consideration the Cost, Customer Experience, and Convenience and are taken into account. These and many others will ensure that only the best and quality products are being delivered to the market to satisfy your customers. We are in a continually changing and inter-connected world whereby it's increasingly easier to order a product online. Most businesses owners are trying to infiltrate the market and sustain their competitive advantage. Consumers also expect fast, cheap and free delivery. This has led to a new model by Logistics Company to launch a direct-to-consumer model to support the consumer's urgent demand and also provide a competitive advantage for logistics companies willing to adapt. Statistics from U.S. Census Bureau states that more than $440 billion worth of goods were imported from China in 2013. This represents about 19.4% of all US imported goods. This trade relationship between US and China can be seen as a perfect example of the direct-to-consumer logistics model. Traditional Logistics Process In the traditional logistics process, the supply chain comprises of customer needs to deal with many service providers all through the logistics process. This makes room for a lot of errors, multiple customer service contacts which will seem confusing in case things go wrong. You also have the issue of numerous contract negotiations and balancing of account issues within the business. Not leaving out the issue of incomplete shipment visibility, and goods lying dormant in the warehouse especially for slow-moving stock, this will affect [...]

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Managing your freight forwarders effectively will help to improve supply chain compliance. Many exporters and importers in the U.S. who are at risk of compliance failures do complain of their inability to manage freight forwarders and customs brokers effectively. But little did they know that they wield a lot of control over them. Changes in regulations have made compliance a requirement. We are more digital nowadays in our data input, this has led to the reduced paperwork thereby making it easy to access information. This advancement in technology also comes with higher error visibility to the regulators, increase in fees and penalties, and more responsibility for the trade community. The primary cause of compliance problems is the lack of awareness and inadequate training and information about needed requirements. Nowadays we have many companies struggling to understand the regulations and meet up to requirements; it's entirely possible to place the responsibility on freight forwarders. Make them accountable for accuracy, reporting, classification, and recordkeeping, although this business practice is not recommended in the U.S. Freight forwarders rely on information they get from the exporter. Choosing a Freight Forwarder Before one can manage a freight forwarder, one needs to first choose a freight forwarder. While selecting a freight forwarder always place quality and credibility above logistics cost and cheap rates. This is because choosing the best freight forwarder will go a long way to decide how smooth your supply chain operation will go. While planning to choose your freight forwarder, you need to put some factors into consideration. Firstly, write down a list of requirements you desire. This could include knowledge and experience about your product, destination country, and shipping method. Ensure that the staffs of the freight forwarders are well trained in commerce, record keeping, documentation, etc. The freight forwarder also needs [...]

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When it comes to e-commerce, one needs to know that delivery of product goes beyond sending a package by post or courier. It involves a chain of processes to bring about the delivery of product to the end user. E-commerce merchants have devised several strategies which may involve stopping sales for a specified period. E-commerce delivery process starts from the moment a customer signify interest in purchasing a particular product, to shipping the first purchase, to securing repeat business. Sometimes, delivery is considered an afterthought; seen as just a piece of administrative duties to ensure delivery is made. But you could further prevent sales with your delivery strategy if you don’t take this aspect seriously. There are two typical characteristics of consumers in the e-commerce: Firstly they want to get what they bought online as quick as possible, and they also wish to get free shipping. Secondly, the predicament faced by the merchant in ensuring the speed of delivery and also retaining the cost of the supply chain. Just a few years ago, the widely accepted standard delivery period was within the maximum of 5-days. Nowadays most major brands are striving to deliver to their customers within a three-day maximum period. Amazon is at the forefront of this paradigm shift as it keeps reinventing the customer experience of e-commerce. So how can retailers rise to this challenge to maintain relevancy with the consumer experience? The answer to this and many other questions can be found within the supply chain. The answer is not by upgrading the level of shipping service because most retailers don't have the financial capacity to fulfill the high cost of a premium on 2-day shipping.   One smart way to go about this situation is by placing their inventory closer to consumers so they can efficiently [...]

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A product is said to sell when it gets delivered to the prospective buyer; this is the core of e-commerce transactions. When a customer orders a product and it gets delivered in the shortest time possible then the customer experience is right and it will increase customer loyalty. A poor transaction leads to the loss of customers to the competition. There's a lot involved in giving a customer a satisfactory experience and we will be taking a look at what these things are. Visibility: the role of visibility in e-commerce cannot be over-emphasized as it could determine whether a product will sell or not. When a package is visible during the process of delivery, it will be beneficial to both the consumer and the merchant. Consumers always want to have this information at any time they might require it. It could be shared through a link made available during checkout or a push notification sent to their mobile devices. Package visibility is essential in e-commerce, and it's almost a norm for most transactions. Unfortunately, we still have many retailers who still refuse to provide this vital information to their customers. Speed: Today's world is fast-paced and people are accustomed to getting more done in less time. Consumers find it difficult to wait for five days for a package to arrive. They expect shipping companies to deliver their package as soon as possible, that's why a lot of companies have setup three days deliveries, allowing them stay ahead of their competitors and provide customers with a better experience. Retail giants Amazon recently started a program called "Amazon prime" which has helped to reduce the shipping period to just 2-days. Now all other companies and competitors are trying to catch up with this set standard. Another reason why most companies find it [...]

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